Jade patent Hailey at outlets?

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  1. I think I read somewhere that the jade patent Haileys have made their way to the outlets?! Has anyone spotted them? If so, where? I'm DYING for one! I almost bought one full price but none of my FP stores had them in stock. :sad: Please let me know if you see one? Also....do the department stores have this bag on clearance?! I really want to find one! Thanks!
  2. Wowowowo!!!!! What??? I have not seen them but I want one too
  3. My store is expecting a shipment of those and the Raspberry op arts this week :tup: Be on the lookout for them!
  4. My store had some this afternoon. They also had Jade audreys (as do i now lol)
    Anyway it was Pleasant Praire in Wisconsin. HTH.
  5. Ooo....I really really want one of these. I'm two hours away from the nearest outlet though. :sad: :sad: I really hope that I get one.
  6. WHAT??!! :nuts: Outlet bound already? I'm glad I haven't snipped the tags off my Jade Hailey and used her yet. She's definitely going back if this is true! Or atleast I'm going to try and get a price adjustment.
  7. Hi do u happen know the price of it??? TIA
  8. Yes can you tell us the price and model number
  9. The price was 30% off then another 20%
  10. I don't have the hailey model number but i have the audrey.
    It is 14322. It was 30% retail and then another 20%. Was like $220. They never gave me my reciept so i can't check.
  11. They didn't give you a receipt? Eeep! I hope that you don't have to return or exchange her. Congrats on the Audrey though. She's very pretty!
  12. Seriously. I have looked everywhere for it and i don't have it. And my friend was given the receipt she signed. Strange.
  13. Camarillo, CA had lots of jade Haileys today! I dunno if they charge send though.
  14. i just got one today at my local outlet! they only got one in! it's sooo pretty!
  15. I saw only one at my local outlet. Sounds like they will be getting more in though...
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