Jade Market Tote on sale?

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  1. Has anyone seen the Market tote in jade on sale? I missed out on the ones on plazatoo (and BELIEVE me, it makes me sick that it seems I missed some by only an hour!). I've had this item on my wishlist all summer and I think I pretty much *have* to have it now!
  2. When I saw your title, i was gonna say plazatoo..sorry about that.. I love the Jade color and the leather is just so smooth and soft!

    I guess the best place is to check ebay, with the 25% cash back, you should be able to get one at pretty reasonable price. Now there are a brown market tote, and a jade MAM on there.. perhaps getting both could replace the jade market tote? Just kidding... anyway... keep your eye out. anything can show up on ebay.!
  3. You could try emailing Catherine @ Plaze Too just in case they get any returns or have some leftover stock. It's a shot in the dark but it doesn't hurt to check!

    Catherine Graviano