Jade Jagger Under Fire,Over Daughters(11&14) Plunging Necklines

  1. Jade comes under fire over daughters plunging necklines

    19th September 2006

    [​IMG] Jade Jagger and her daughters Assisi and Amba at a London Fashion Week party

    Mother and ex-wild child Jade Jagger has come under fire from child charities for letting her daughters wear revealing clothing to a party.
    The girls - aged 11 and 14 - left their school uniforms at home and instead opted for daring plunging necklines to accompany their mother to a London Fashion Week bash.
    Posing next to 34-year-old Jade - dressed herself in a revealing mini-dress - Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger's grand-daughters looked confident in their party outfits.
    Eleven-year-old Amba wore a low cut green top with jeans, high-heeled boots and a matching bag, and 14-year-old Assisi sported a short gold dress with a neckline slashed to the navel.
    But it appeared Amba was not entirely happy with her outfit, according to the Daily Express.
    She was overheard complaining to her mother that her top was showing too much flesh, but was told: "Don't worry - it looks great".
    The outfits outraged child protection charities.
    Michelle Elliot, director of the children's charity Kidscape, told the newspaper: "Parents must act responsibily when buying their children clothes.
    "Most parents would not want their children to dress like this. Kids should be kids and not dressed like mini-adults.
    "It is pathetic that you would dress your children in such a way and take them out in public." Assisi and Amba are both children from Jade's seven-year relationship with the artist Piers Jackson.
  2. That is so disgusting and wrong! I can't even believe that, but then look at their mother, and her making her daughter wear it even if it was uncomfortable for her, sick, she is not fit to be a mother. I wouldn't wear any of those at any age and looking perfect, too slutty.

    That is a good example of one of the things that is wrong with America now, and all the young celebrities flashing their "parts", like I said, sick.
  3. Sorry I have a young daughter, never would allow this.
    It is sending the wrong message to young girls.
  4. Yikes!
  5. OH MY GOSH!!! 11 and 14!?!?! She may as well light their cigarette like fellow celeb Melanie does for her underage daughter :yucky:
  6. That is horrible, what a miserable mother!
  7. Hey, here 11 year old has a Balenciaga!!!

    Okay back to subject, yep that's really unacceptable allowing/encouraging young girls to dress that way.
  8. Terrible, you can see in the photo how uncomfortable the one in green is--
  9. he he, I was staying at Babington House in Somerset recently, and Jade Jagger was there. I am happy to report she is rougher than a badgers bottom in real life :biggrin:

    Her poor children, they so do not look happy to be paraded around like that!
  10. wow! that's way too young!! Shame on her! Some celebs have their heads so far up their arse. I guess because it's Hollywood, and everything is more liberal, she thinks it's okay?
  11. That's horrible, I have a daughter and find this just disgusting and wrong.
  12. She needs her face slapped, for allowing her children to walk around looking like grown ass women :hysteric: What in the heck is wrong :wtf: with her?
  13. Wrong wrong wrong!!!!! Totally revolting. It's scary to think that people like her are actually mothers and responsible for the raising of children!!!!
  14. I agree! That is totally unacceptable!
  15. :hysteric: Melanie lights cigarettes for her kid and this one allows hers to wear plunging necklines at these ages?!?! I bet they speak to her like she's just a friend and not a mom. :wtf: