Jade Hailey or hold out for possible raspberry??

Sep 27, 2009
I can't stop going back to look at the Jade Hailey, but I remember from another post that a Raspberry Hailey might be coming out, and I would LOVE LOVE Hailey in Raspberry. I asked my SA about it today, and she couldn't only find Lime coming next in the spring. And Raspberry Maggie in leather would be lovely, too. Oh, choice, choices, choices! WWYD?
Jul 7, 2009
Why not get both? :graucho: Actually, I own Jade Hailey and I absolutely love the color. To help support your decision, I'd say that you've seen jade in person to know and love the color. Since you haven't seen the raspberry color IRL, who's to say you'll definitely love it (unless you wait for it or order it now). Anyhoo, I'm glad you're probably going with Jade. It's a wonderful bag and the color's so much fun!