Jade Edith- should I keep it?

  1. I got a jade edith fron NM (on sale), but I am not sure about the color...(I haven't seen it IRL, is the color good for summer? This will be my first Chloe. Should I keep it? Thanks!!!

    P.S. I also ordered a Mulberry elgin tote... any suggestion on which one to keep?
  2. I would wait for it to come and then see if you love it. Its such a personal choice, but I really hope you love it.

    Why dont you post piccies of both when they arrive and we can tell you which one we love the best :yes:
  3. Thanks! chloe-babe. I will post the pictures as soon as they arrive.
  4. I have this bag. I like the color, looks like a dark forest green color. Although I like it, I am not keeping it because I purchased so many other bags and I figure it'll be staying in my closet without much use.

  5. Years ago I bought a coach tote in a forest green, very simple and square, hummm sort of like the Edith. I eventually gave it a way for the same reason you give pquiles just never wore it.
  6. Although I love the great feeling of getting stuff on sale, espescially bags and shoes, if I never wear it, then it's simply a waste of money.
  7. I just love this color!
  8. Green Eggs, do you have this color Edith too?
  9. It is a personal decision. To each his own. I don't care about green. But SILVER or RED or Blue - another story. YOU might feel differently.
  10. No but I have always admired it from afar. I have aways tended towards black but with my latest splurges, I have added a couple of browns, a metallic and a mousse. I think this is such an interesting color yet still very neutral...
  11. I'll need to see the pictures, I'm a huge Chloe fan, but I have the Elgin too and its a great bag, I snagged the most wonderful sale at Xmas, about $350 for a $950 handbag. The Mulberry leather is strong and wonderful! My Elgin was black--what color is yours.
  12. Here's my Jade Edith. Like this bag, but contemplating letting it go in a week or so. I had more pics, but they were too large to fit.
  13. I'm going to play with it for one more week, and if I can't fit it into my wardrobe, back to the store it goes.
  14. Is the color really dark? I have not seen the Jade in person.

  15. They only had Oak available...