*Jade* Edith: Have you seen one on sale?

  1. There's one on Bluefly for $1,020. But I've been reading here on tPF about all of the great summer sales on Chloe bags, and I figure that I can get a better price than that. (Hopefully I'm not too late.) Please let me know if you see one. Thanks! :yes:

    Chloe jade Edith satchel.JPG
  2. Wow--that's a great color...can't say I have seen it lately, but I may have seen an earlier thread mentioning that Nordie's might have had it?
  3. I have seen one at Bluefly.com

  4. NM had one earlier in the sale area. I think it was 600 or 700 something.
  5. *bump*

    Has anybody seen one recently for less than the Bluefly price? TIA :flowers:
  6. The colour is muscat although pic shows jade.
  7. ^strange, i just noticed that! the description says Jade
  8. Call Nordys... I know that I saw a Jade Edith a few weeks back. I don't know if its still available or not, but have your Sales Assoc. do a search through their stores. If they tell you they don't know the sku#, tell them to look through their lookbook for the number and do a search. I got my Whiskey Edith for $519 (tax not included....). I hope that helps!