Jade Edith at NM

  1. My SA called and says she has a hold for me. It is a return, Jade Edith for 444! I can't get it. I have spent way too much this month.
    Ask for Yemisi. 972-629-1756.
    hurry! There was two, before I could get off the phone someone was snatching up one of them!
  2. duplicate oops
  3. mlredo, Thanks for the post:drool: !!! I almost fell out of my chair when I seen that price:yes: .
    I called that number it was a fax machine, which NM's was the bag located at?
  4. I want this bag. Do you have a style number and the correct phone? HELP!!
  5. Find out where 972 is then check the NM site for a store in that area. CALL!
  6. OOps! I did it again! 972-629-1700.
    As usual, I was in a hurry and did not want to find my reading glasses.
    I hope a sincere Chloe lover got it. It sure was a deal.
  7. I need to know the name of the person it's on hold for. They SA won't let me buy. Help! i AM A HUGE FAN.
  8. Did anyone get it? I hope so!
  9. Someone got it, but it wasn't me:crybaby:. When I called the first time Yemisi put it on hold for me, I forgot that in the store they only take NM's card or American express, anyway by the time I called back someone else was on there way to get it:shrugs:. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. That was an awsome deal and I'm glad someone from tpf will enjoy it. Thanks again mlredo for the info:smile:.
  10. Ali W, I will keep my eyes open for you!
  11. I called too. The number was a fax.
  12. They are gone. If anyone hears about one for sale, at a great price, please let me know.
  13. I returned my jade edith to NM online last week. According to UPS they rec'd the bag back yesterday... so maybe it will pop back up on the website this weekend or on Monday.... ?

    The jade ediths showed up on NM.com on 12/15, I know because that's when I bought mine, and they sold out almost immediately. So anyone who bought one and decided to return it would have to do so by 1/15 because there's the 30 day return policy for sale items. So I'd keep checking the website for the next few days just in case. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!:heart:
  14. I will be keeping my eyes peeled.
  15. I have the bag on hold but can't get it because of NM's credit card policy. Tried to get an online e-gift certificate on Saturday but that won't be available until tomorrow. SA can only hold for me today.....somebody snatch that bag up tomorrow when it's available. I am so upset at NM right now (not the SA...the internet store).