Jade Carlys at the outlets?

  1. Called our local outlet and they said they have carlys in. She said Jade and The brown ones. When she said brown ones I knew she couldn't be talking about chocolate.
    I'm thinking she's talking about either the sig cotton or maybe the khaki?

    I don't know. I'm going to go saturday morning and check it out.

    She also confirmed the ergos will be on the floor this weekend. When I told her I got the patent ergo in red she said, "Oh we're getting the patent ones too."

    What a bummer. I'm excited to see what they have though.

    Anyone seen Carlys at their outlet?
  2. GET OUT!!! I want a jade Carly. I am so getting in my car and going to the outlet this weekend!!!! Heck, this p&g girl would even settle for the choco Carly!! :yahoo:
  3. Do you know if the small black sig ergos will be there?
  4. They're getting the patent Ergos already? Didn't those just come out? Aren't they part of the summer collection?

  5. Jade? Anyone have pics? I've never seen or heard of it!
  6. oooh! i wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those jade babies! too bad my outlet is signature free! :sad:
  7. They shouldn't be getting the new patent ergos :nogood:
  8. Okay so who wants to shop for me, LOL! JUST KIDDING!!!!! My nearest outlet is 4 hours away but thankfully we are going to Orlando in September so that's two outlets!!!!!!
  9. patent???? outlet?????
  10. I'm assuming because you're from Chesapeake you're talking about the Williamsburg outlet. Anyways, OMG they're getting patent! I hope it's out by 4th of July!!! Ooh and Jade carlys? OMG I am in DEEP trouble! :p
  11. I have a hard time believing this too, they haven't even been officially released yet, just this week!

    I am betting she's mistaken, I would not think there would be widespread outlet patent until fallish

    the outlets have had the patent trim lunch totes, is it possible she was thinking about that.....hmmm

    please report back when u go
  12. As in Sig Cotton Carly Jade?? You have to be kidding?! They are still on the website!! I really want to get my hands on a medium ergo turquoise leather hobo at the outlet!!!
  13. i want a jade carly! the closest outlet to me has the signature cotton carlys in chocolate and denim but im not sure about jade...im just going by what another tPFer posted in a diff. topic.
  14. I'm assuming she meant later on. Because she said we'll be getting those too.

    No, she was talking about the patent hobos. Because when I told her I got the red, she said her co-worker got the black patent, but she's going to wait to get one because they'll be getting them too.

    So probably in a few months I'm assuming?

    When I go tomorrow I'll report back as to what I find.
  15. I'm thinking it's the summer colors -- the turquoise and white of the Ergos are off the website, as well as the white patent. I would have thought they would wait until next year, but apparently they're showing up now.