Jacquetta is back - but re-named?

  1. I've been eyeing the Jacquetta for a while - I hadn't seen one in real life, just in pictures. I really want one - they're so pretty!

    Well, yesterday I walked into one of my local Mulberry shops and... there it was. I couldn't believe my eyes! Well, apparently it's re-named Mollie, and I bet they've changed a few details, but none that I could tell right away.

    Does anyone else know more? It's not on the website, anyway. Oh, I really want one, but I don't think i can bear to pay full price... I might have to though.
  2. ^^^ Mollie thats a strange renaming I wonder who its named after???
  3. The Irish Molly Malone!!
  4. oh no!!! i think that may be the next bag I'm lusting after. i love the jaquetta!!!
  5. ^^^^ actually after looking at your picture I think that this bag is one for you!!!

    Understated and very classy!!!

  6. ooh don't you be enabling tara!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  7. Have just seen the Mollie on mulberry website.It's in the coming soon section. £595
  8. OMG the Mollie is gorgeous!!!!!!:love:
  9. :happydance::happydance::winkiss:Jo - I am sending Mollie vibes your way!!!!!!!! I am thinking she would make a fab Mother's Day gift!! And don't tell me that they don't have Mother's Day in the UK, cus if they don't I will declare one!!!
  10. ^^^^ I love it Mothers day gift!!!

    Hey I normally get a bunch of daffs and out to lunch.

    Would love to receive a £600 bag (how the other half live..):p
  11. Mother´s day! :idea: Can´t let an opportunity like that pass... :graucho: Thanks!

  12. er I'll probably get a homemade card from the kids. Think a £600 bag is a bit of a stretch unless we win the lottery, unfortunately!!! Unless I start selling other bags but I love all the ones I've got. Oh crumbs- just gonna have to save up and nag DH!!!!:girlsigh:Send me lottery winning vibes!!!!!!
  13. Lottery winning vibes struggle their way over the sea:wlae::wlae::wlae:!
  14. ^^^^^ Well I`m sorry but I might be waiting with a net!!!!
  15. I am going to rename the bag "The Mollie Jo"!! hehe sending lottery vibes your way!!!! She is a little pricey, though!!