Jacque Slingback Shoes - Signature or Leather?

  1. I bought the Jacque Slingbacks at the most recent PCE in black signature. They are absolutely adorable and I just love them. However, I was browsing eBay this morning and found the same exact shoes, but in leather. When I bought mine I didn't know that they were available in leather and I think I probably would have gotten the leather had I known.

    Here's the photo of them in signature from Coach.com:


    Here's the photo of them in leather from eBay:


    What should I do? I could return the signature ones to Coach and buy the leather ones on eBay. Or, I could keep the signature ones and pretend I never saw the leather ones, seeing as though I was happy before not knowing the leather even existed. I like both styles, that's the problem! I am really stumped and don't know what to do. :confused1:
  2. holy leather shoes batman! :nuts:

    get the leather. they're way cute and more versatile.
  3. I know. I think I want the leather really bad. Maybe I could call Coach to see if I can order them in leather and exchange them for the signature ones at the PCE price I paid... :graucho:
  4. I love love the leather ones! They are gorgeous!!!
    I would deff get those!
  5. I called my Coach store to see if I could order them and the SA told me that Coach typically does not manufacture the same shoe in both leather and signature. She thinks that it's likely that this was a department store only shoe.

    So, I called Coach's 888 number and a representative there told me that those shoes are probably the Dory Slingbacks, which are identical to the Jacque, but in leather. They were available last fall and are now sold out.

    Hmmpf. I want these so bad.

    I know myself too well. I know that if I buy these on eBay with the intention of returning the signature ones the siggies will never go back. I'll end up keeping both - I just know it.
  6. so get both! :p

    if you would get your use out of both pairs, then it's worth the money.
  7. both are so cute! my toes are not the cutest so they would be perfect!!!:shame: . Keep both pairs.
  8. the leather ones are TDF! I say keep both.
  9. NO! You're not supposed to tell me to keep them both! I expected that from Kallison but not from the rest of you, too. :p

    Just yesterday I promised myself that there would be NO MORE BUYING of purses or shoes (especially purses) for at least six months.

    However, I have been feeling really crappy over the past couple weeks and I could call them a sick present to myself...

    Damn you people! :winkiss:
  10. Being sick is a great reason to treat your self.
    I have been sick for the last week my self. I will just have to take my own advice.:graucho:
  11. Okay, when I got home from work I tried on my siggies. I needed to try them on again before making a final decision. Here they are:



    I really like these a lot but I also really can't have both pairs. If I get them in leather I'll have to return the signature pair - I just have to.

    So, should I return these?
  12. I was going to say leather until I saw the sig. ones one you. Those are freakin' adorable!! Keep the signature!
  13. Thanks, ranskimmie!

    I think I am going to just keep these -- two reasons: 1) they are cute; and 2) I am afraid I will not be able to part with these and I'll keep both pairs (no! bad girl!).
  14. gosh, i love them! i say toss a coin .
  15. Leather!!