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  1. For those of you that have seen the Black/Natural in person .... is it more of a black/tan or a black/yellowy-tan? Does that make sense? Sometimes I see pics and it looks like a really pretty black/tan...but then other pics (such as the one that's on Ebay right now) the tan looks kind of yellowy and I don't like that. Your opinions are much needed. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I think the one on ebay is just a bad pic. I'll see if I can take a few pics when I return my purse.
  3. :ty:
  4. It's definitely TAN... not yellow or anything.
  5. Great, so that means I still can't decide. Lol!
  6. geez I almost forgot! I was all excited about finally being able to post the ombre pics..ok sorry about the first pic there with stuffing stickin out I wasn't paying much attention obviously..I was just stuck on those ombre bags. Look at pic 3 you get one of those cute little lammie's on the zipper pull like the ombre's! and the last pic is close to a yellow leather handbag I don't know what brand or anything I just searched for yellow anything and snapped the picture.

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  7. Thank you soooo much VVV!!! Now I gotta decide between the Black/Natural the and the Mushroom. Thank goodness I still have months to decide! :lol:
  8. no problem knasarae! decisions are always the hard part..I still am going for the blk.natural:graucho:
  9. I know and that would be the sensible thing for me to do. Then I could wear it with warm and cool colors. But I'll always pick brown over black I guess because I have a warm skin tone?? But then I think I look good in black too. But one time I died my hair jet black and everyone told me I looked sickly. It was a nightmare! Ok, I'm rambling...the point is I still haven't decided, lol!

  10. Mmmmmmm, Black/Natural. :drool:
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