jacquard fabric direction question

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  1. Are the C's that aren't connected always facing either up or down, and never sideways like horseshoes? Is there any reason why those c's would be facing right or left?

    In other words, does coach ever make their bags with the fabric always going in the same direction?
  2. Fake fake fake.

    The C's that are connected are always side to side, never up and down like that.
  3. Regardless of the bag's authenticity, the listing is hilarious if you read the whole thing...
  4. Fake!!!
  5. What is wrong w/that seller!!!!!! geeeeeez
  6. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! That listing...

  7. That listing is HIGH-larious!! :biggrin:
  8. ROFL! That is a great listing.......your hand, your manicure, scuff marks. "Competition and listing woes." :roflmfao:
  9. That is hilarious!!! It seems that she's a bit bitter about being "burned" before...:nuts:
  10. Well she disclosed everything about that bag except that it's a fake.

    I wish every seller was forthcoming and detailed.
  11. wow that is so cute.. she named everything in the picture =P
  12. That listing was too funny. I especially liked the part about "I store my purses in sealed plastic containers, but I do live in a smoker friendly environment. If you would like me to dump my ash tray over the scuffed leather for that special something extra, please know that I will have to charge you extra because I consider that to be a service and not a tangible auction item."

    One good thing. The auction ended with no bids.
  13. Oh, definitely! The fact that someone would even try to sell a bag in that condition...ew. Or that someone would even LET their bag make it to that condition! EWWWWWWW. :throwup:
  14. That is SO true. Poor abused bag :crybaby:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.