Jackpot!!! Second bag today!!!

  1. :yahoo:You know me and my love for Noes!!! Well, here is it is - my "new" Noe!!!:yahoo:I think I was more excited to get this than the bucket!!!:nuts: I have two petit noes already and love them so much so I decided to get a regular Noe!!! I LOVE IT!!!:love: My fave SA, eBay, got it for me!!!;):lol:
    Noe1.JPG Noe.JPG
  2. Woah your second bag..just today?!?! HAHA! You are on a ROLL! :yahoo:

    I've never seen an epi noe with that color combo....very nice!!
  3. It looks like new!! So shiny & pretty.
  4. Oooo that is a nice one!!
  5. we have the same SA!!! You rock!!!
  6. I guess bucket doesn't really count. It was an exchange.:graucho:
  7. Congrats !!:yahoo: That's one beautiful colour combo:tender:
  8. yay congrats!! :biggrin:
  9. It reminds me of a black widow spider... :P

    Great looking bag nonetheless. ;)
  10. i saw it on eBay..fabulous!
  11. I love that bag. I have never seen the black with red. Gorgeous. Congrats.
  12. YAY for epi noes! And the black and red together is really striking!
  13. :nuts: How fabulous is that! It is definitely unique and special! What a great find!

  14. Congrats! It is gorgeous!!!! :nuts: :yahoo:
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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