Jackie's on Twitter!

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  1. Good Morning PF Friends,

    Jackie has recently joined the "Twitter" website. It's such a fun place!

    You can google this site by using "Twitter" in your search. Joining is free!

    It's really cool to be able to keep an eye on all of Jackie's latest happenings. Sometimes, I'll send her an email occasionally and ask "What's new?". Now, I know!!!! ;)

    Also, I thought it would be even more enjoyable if many of us join from the PF!
  2. It IS cool! You can follow both BE AND Jackie. And, you can tweet different messages during the day yourself and keep the world informed of your OWN doings!! www.twitter.com
  3. Everyone (if you're interested) post your twiiter ID so we can follow each other :smile:

    I am 'finzup' if anyone wishes to follow me
  4. This is becoming more and more popular, I just joined and my user name is the same as here rachaelmb. How fun if a lot of tpfer's join:smile:
  5. I'm Suzzeee on Twitter too!
  6. Ms_Lizardo here........been on Twitter for awhile now...
  7. Just added you - I swear I work in the social media (Facebook/MySpace/Apps, etc.) space so you'd think I'd be up on this but I only signed up to get info on an HH sale one day awhile ago and then did nothing and then people started "following me" and today I wanted info on the inauguration so I finally figured it out;)
  8. I signed up a while ago to get grechen updates. I started following some tweets when my company got twitterized (so I figured I should follow us) last week, then I remembered JAckie said she was now on twitter....I'm finding all kinds of people I don't know are "following" me. I mean, like, they seemed to have gotten me from Starbucks etc when I've tried to figure it out.

    Love the twitter approach of keeping us informed on the wonderful world of BE!!!
  9. I'm sparkyjt... just joined. Looks pretty neat! :smile:
  10. I joined today. I'm under Calibaggal
  11. I found you too Suzzeee :tup:....Twitter is great fun!!

  12. I joined! I'm tlloveshim! I found ms.lizardo already! Do you all keep your's private?
  13. Sorry for my ignorance....What is the benefit of keeping Twitter private. Still trying to come in to the tech age!!!
  14. I read the posts before deciding if I want to follow. But I guess for someone who doesn't want people to read their tweets unless they are specific friends or something, privacy is a good option? I tend to be private but for now I'm wide open and seeing how I feel about that.
  15. Thanks Euridice - I am going to try open. I can always switch.