Jackie's here!

  1. She's still in the box! I will have the ceremonial opening soon...

    Pics later today!
  2. LOL!! That's exactly how it feels!

    Can't wait to see your pics. I'm really going back and forth between the Jackie and Dylan.

    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. Good grief, you can't dangle a 'Kooba' at us and then say 'later'. We need pics, we need pics, we need pics....
  4. Oooh, can't wait!
  5. Without further ado..I tried to get some photos for you that showed some of the gorgeous detail of this bag. I do :heart: it!
    JackieA.jpg JackieB.jpg JackieC.jpg JackieD.jpg JackieE.jpg
  6. I love the color! It's gorgeous!
  7. It's certainly a beauty! Love the pleats and especially the color. Very unique and attractive bag!
  8. The colours gorgeous, Grace and something new is going on between the two interior pocket (know it's been mentioned before, but can't remember what it is..penholder?) Bet it looks gorgeous with black!:heart:
  9. I love it!!! Congratulations!
  10. She's gorgeous, Grace.
  11. Yea, it has a penholder. Dontcha love the colro and sheen? What do you think Grace? Like it?
  12. What color is that? I saw pics of this bag in Cuoio & black didn't really care for it (too shiny for me), but I really like your bag Grace. It doesn't look quite as shiny as the other 2 colors. And is this bag lambskin or calf leather?
  13. Beautiful. I just saw these new Koobas in Nordies tonight, they do look better in person.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. LSR, I'm really glad to hear that.

    Grace, your pics are great. I love the color and the leather looks all smoothy soft and very huggable. Congratulations!