Jackie's bag

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    Forgive me for being slightly clueless, but is this bag a Trim or is it a Gucci. Someone posted it in the Gucci thread, but I thought the bag was a Trim because I know she had a Trim that looked like this.
  2. Pretty certain it's a Trim. I read somewhere that Gucci later emulated the design because the bag became so hot. BTW, that's a great picture of her.
  3. ng,
    i too think its a trim!
  4. Trimmy, trimmy, trim, trim, trimmy, trimmy.
  5. Such a famous pic now
  6. It's the older version of the Trim (sometimes called the Trim I), which used to be flat and had no ziptop closure. The "newer" version w/ side and bottom panels is supposedly the Trim II. Hermes recently revived the Trim I.
  7. I like the Trim I much more than the II, pitty it's not as practical...:sad:
  8. no need for beeing practical when you look that good :biggrin:
  9. You have a point there...:cool: :biggrin:
  10. Barenia, toile Trim one. She wore it so well.
  11. Almost had my hands on an older Toile/Navy Box Trim I that Luxury-Zurich had for awhile....and then it was sold almost right before my eyes! I'm glad for them but now I kick myself that I wasn't quicker...it was a lovely bag and I'm liking that it tucks so nicely under the arm and lays nice and flat against the body.

    That's such and iconic foto of her....love it!
  12. yay - that's my "girl"! definitely the original trim design.:love: