1. I took Jackie out yesterday, had her loaded up pretty good! I just wanted to tell you, even though she was to the brim, she was comfortable, not bulky or heavy.

    She sits really well on my shoulder too, doesn't slip at all!

    I'm really pleased with this bag and just wanted to tell all of you, in case anyone else was on the fence about getting a Jackie. Do it, you won't be sorry!:tup:
  2. I've been one sitting on the fence about this bag----thanks for the update!!!!
  3. Grace, I have been carrying mine now all week and I really love it! :smile:
  4. I am waiting to see if a good deal on the pewter Jackie comes my way. I am thinking of getting that one. Does anyone have the pewter?
  5. Oh isn't it beautiful in the pewter? If it had been available when I got Jackie, I probably would've gotten mine in pewter.
  6. I do really like the pewter too! Very pretty!!