Jackie Softer Leather Shoulder Bag care and maintance

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am new to the forum and I made my first couple big purchases from the Gucci sale. I purchased the Jackie soft leather shoulder bag in beige (I can post pictures for those interested), and I was wondering if anyone else here has experience with the bag. I really want to keep it in good condition! Are there any products I should use on it? I live in an area with a mild climate (northern california). I also kept the the box and original stuffing. I am really nervous to use it so any advice is appreciated! I also purchased the small black swing bag and that should be arriving shortly! Any advice for that bag would be appreciated as well!
  2. Welcome to Gucci forum, so nice to have you with us, congratulations on you new Gucci(s)

    The Jackie Softs are made of hardy, thick leather, I wouldn't do anything to it, in fact Gucci recommend you don't. The only bags I spray are the suede and nubuck. I think the main challenge is just keeping the bag clean.

    Storing bags in boxes for very long periods of time is not ideal actually as the material is natural and air needs to circulate. Just in the dust bag between wears is fine. And you must wear it, that's what it's for ;)
  3. Thanks for this info PT :smile:
    Gonna straigten out my closet and take my leather bags out of the boxes. I'll just leave them in their dust bags. lol.
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  4. Hi welcome to the forum. Excellent choice!
    I keep on looking at those Jackie bags because they are still on sale but I was curious as to the size. Would you be able to show a mod shot or a picture of it against something. Thanks.
  5. I just received mine. Bless the commenter who brought the bag and the sale to my attention- I agonized for a couple of days but just had to take the leap. I'm not a fan of Gucci monograms, and rarely paid attention to their bags. This one is just gorgeous.

    Here it is next to a large LC Le Pliage.

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  7. I have this EXACT bag. I purchased it last year. I luv, luv, luv it! I was tempted to purchase another color during the sale. I didn't think such a simple beauty would be one of my favorite Gucci purchases.
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  8. I agree with papertiger. The leather is thick and durable, there's no need for treating the leather. Enjoy!
  9. Do you recommend spraying the Marmont leather?
  10. no, just leave as it is
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  11. Thank you! I had my bottle of the apple cate scotch guard ready. Thank you for saving me from a possible disaster
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