Jackets / Coats with the oversized fur hoods - thoughts and suggestions

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  1. I do already own a coat with a fur hood but I would buy another but this time probably a jacket.

    The variation in these coats (or jackets) is frightening. With companies like Prada or D Squared charging well over £1,000.

    I have come across Poppy London who sell similar ones to the above but at less than 1/2 the price and yet they look to be of excellent quality.

    Here is one I have my eye on (pics below).

    Just wondered if anyone owns a Poppy coat / jacket and what they though of theirs.

    Another option is to buy the jacket separately and have a furrier attach the hood. I know there is a furrier in Preston (England) that specialises in these. I think it's Preston anyway, might be Southport.

    This one is £375 which does seem a bargain - unless of course the quality is not there.

    1469546001175.jpg 1469546005311.jpg
  2. I like that one you have posted, looks fur lined too - in rabbit???

    Very good price to be fair.
  3. The furrier you mention is in Churchtown, which is on between Southport and Preston - but nearer to Southport.

    I notice that Caroline Stanbury jas her own 'line' within Poppy London clothing - the ones I have seen her wear do look snug and indeed durable.
  4. Yes I think the lining is rabbit. I also agree it's a good price - for that level of apparent quality.
  5. I love them because I freeze easily! They keep me warm and are very comfy.
  6. I think apart from fur itself, down is surely the warmest option so they make complete sense in bitter temperatures.
  7. Me too! It can be a difficult exercise balancing looking good and keeping warm.
  8. 1470829530941.jpg 1470829535890.jpg

    Whilst it is a given that it is necessary to FEEL the coat before judging it, I noticed this parka on the Alexandre Vauthier show. I bet this is incredibly expensive and - dare I say it - similar to the much more reasonably priced parkas at the Poppy link above.
  9. These types of coats / jackets are for casual in my opinion I don't really get why Alexandre Vauthier would make them. Still, for casual they are lovely.
  10. Also I know they are quite for the same purpose but the down filled ones such as Canada Goose are Warner and more durable.

    The Shelburn is a slim fit with coyote fur not raccoon like those ones posted but it's around £750 I think.
  11. Yes Canada Goose have just put their prices up.
  12. 1477574162503.jpg

    Never too far away from fur when it's cold!!! @jlo

    I guess her coat is super expensive and I bet she gets it for free for wearing it on IG.
  13. Another option is choosing a coat that you like and then bringing it to a local furrier to have fur added to the hood. I've done this a couple of times since it gives you more options with regards to fur type, colour, shearing length, etc...
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  14. Yes me too. It is also inexpensive - I think I paid about £160 for a huge (and I mean huge) raccoon hood a few years ago. You also get to choose the jacket ad the fur type colour.

    The only problem we have is that out local furrier (a guy near Liverpool) is rush off his feet at this time of year so it can take a while.
  15. Yes, fur hoods and trims can be easily added for a small price. Canada Goose use coyote but pretty much all the others are fox and raccoon.