Jacket or coat?

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  1. Which would be better for someone 5'3", 108 lbs, and very pale complexion?



  2. I love the first one! More shapely and less boxy than the second one, which would work better with your petite frame. :smile:
  3. Sorry, I must've edited the pics as you were replying. Thanks for the fast feedback though!
  4. I say #2 or #3. I am also very pale and 5'2'' and I can't wear trench coats in that color because it makes my skin look sickly. I think the trench has the possibility to hit your leg much lower than it does on the model and could be a bad length for shirt girls like us.
  5. #2...very versatile.
  6. I love the first one. Is it burberry?
  7. number 1... :biggrin:

  8. Yes it it...so cute.

    I'm with the others, I wouldn't do a tan trench if your pale-it will wash you out. The cut is fabulous though:graucho:
  9. I vote #1, if the length doesn't end up being too long on you. THe other two coats are cute but the collars may overwhelm your petite frame. JMO!
  10. juicygrl: I tried the sample and it hits me above the knee. I kind of wish I could wear it as a minidress the way it's shown on the runway, but hey - at least it's not too long! :smile:

    aquahot: All 3 are Burberry. The first is SS10 and the other two are FW10.

    Thanks for all the replies, and keep it coming! :biggrin:
  11. I like #3 the best but would prob wear #2 more.
  12. Definitely the Burberry trench coat!!!! And if you pair it with some killer heels you'll look amazing!