jacket from the row <3

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    I absolutely :heart:LOVE:heart: this jacket. i thought i was going to get a balenciaga blazer which was on sale. i tried on the white with purple trim bal, the tweed and a black one. most of them were stiff and then i grabbed this one and fell in love with it! i love it so so much. i know i'm going to be wearing it for yearssss to come. if i don't gain or lose a lot of weight that is. :p
  2. Can you give me a direct link to the photo (preferably not photobucket)? I can't see open photobucket at work.
  3. hmm i use photobucket so i can't give u any other link :crybaby:
  4. its gorgeous on you! a beautiful choice. do you mind me asking, where did you see the white with purple bal at? is it still there?