jack rogers navajo flat sandal?

  1. I have 2 pairs. They are really comfortable.
  2. I read that they run small....what's the sizing like on them?
  3. I would definitely size up a half size at least...but the leather does actually stretch the more you wear it. Between my girls and I we have at least 6 pair...part of the summer uniform around here.
  4. ^^^ I agree. Size up.
  5. I have them in several different color combos, and I adore them! I get so much use out of them, and they are very comfy once you break them in.

    I usually wear a 9.5-10 and I actually had to size DOWN for all of mine and get a 9.5. I was swimming in the 10s.
  6. I have them and I love them. I also have the heeled verison of them and they are super comfty. I had to go up a half a size in them.
  7. i also would suggest sizing up. i wear a 5 and bought a 5, and they're so tight towards the end of the day! i also have a wider foot, but i usually don't have any issues with width. ..