Jack Rogers anyone?

  1. I know that these aren't super fancy, but other than my Rainbow sandals, I live in Jack Rogers:


    I have three pairs and I wear them all the time - I've got a funny little Navajo sandal tan.

    Is anyone else out there a fan?
  2. I don't have any but those are very cute!
  3. i have been feening on a silver/gold metallic pair for years now. One day I will give in:girlsigh:
  4. i caught on to the jack rogers by my preppy best friend from college.
    i only have one pair, blue with white stitching... but i've been looking for a good silver pair...
  5. I LOVE Jack Rogers! I have them in light pink and white, but I think I'm going to get them in bone and white as well. They are incredibly comfortable.
  6. I have a bronze pair, and a black pair. I live in them.
  7. LOVE Jack Rogers - like you, they're my summer go-to shoe if I'm not wearing my Rainbows.

    I seriously have Jacks in a million colors, but bone/white is my most versatile pair. :smile:
  8. Oh, I ADORE Jacks! I'm really preppy, and these totally work with all my outfits. I have gold and black patent. I want the brown croc ones, white and maybe silver as well! Perfect way to dress up an outfit :smile:
  9. I just got a pair of these in a gunmetal color at Calypso, I thought the color was a good transitional one for fall. I know they've been around forever (Jackie O wore them) and they're big on the East Coast, but I haven't seen them as much here in LA. I hope they break in well and get comfy like my Rainbows (which I'd wear everywear and with everything if I could)!
  10. I have a pair in denim (which is more of a gray) with white trim. I think they're really cute and I get compliments on them all the time. I don't like flip flops, so these are my version of them.
  11. I also love them, I have them in black and in white. There not good if your doing a lot of walking though. I read somewhere that they were Jackie O''s favorite sandals.
  12. Love love love the Navajo! Have you seen the Platinum. It is the most amazing color. It's like the perfect mix of silver and gold. They are hard to find and out of stock but I finally found them at saucysandals.com after thinking I was out of luck. Supposedly Jackie O had a pair in every color. Jealous!
  13. I've been thinking about a pair. Are they pretty comfortable after you break them in and are they true to size?
  14. I have two pairs. At first they will feel stiff and small at the top band, but they will stretch in no time and get super comfortable. I have bronze and black.
  15. I have them in silver. Love them. They got comfy very quickly.