Jack or Sawyer (Lost)


Jack, Sawyer or Someone else

  1. Jack

  2. Sawyer

  3. Other, (But who?)

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  1. OK PLEASE PLEASE NO SPOILERS I am in the UK so totally behind all you guys in states please don't give anything away I love this show.

    The questions is you stuck on Lost island and you get to choose who to spend your time with :graucho:
    Do you go for Jack, Sawyer (sorry if I spelt it wrong) or somebody different all together
  2. Sawyer is hot for sure, but if I had to choose...I'd choose Jack!:love:
  3. I'd definitely have to go with Jack...so hot!
  4. I would have to go w/ Boone but if I had to choose between the 2, hmmm...Sawyer. I don't find Jack all that hot. Sorry jmo.
  5. Jack for sho!!! :love:

    I just got season 2 DVD and I'm on disc 3. So cool to see it again
  6. JACK!!! :love:

    love his guns!!! :biguns:
  7. Sawyer, I like bad boys. :o)
  8. Jack. I love men with buzzcuts.
  9. i'm with you on boone. he's dreamy. :yes:
    but of those two, jack. i really can't stand sawyer. not even a little bit.

    i'm so excited season two came out (i'm behind too b/c i have to wait for the dvds...no cable) now it just needs to hurry up and not have a "long wait" on netflix!
  10. Sawyer!
  11. They are both very easy on the eyes, but my vote goes towards Jack.
  12. Definitely Jack....he seems to have it all....brains, body and ohhhh he's just soooo manly!!! Yum!!!!

    Sawyer is hot but seems like he's just a pretty face to me.