Jack & Lucy Halloween keychain

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  1. I didnt realize that it came in two color combinations. I guess one is white and orage (which I saw on the forum) and another is the brown and dark green. Has anyone seen both colors? I am trying to decide which one to purchase. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks Lisa:yahoo:
  2. I have not seen either.
  3. Yes, I have seen both and the darker colors are gorgeous. I will post a picture of the darker colors on Tuesday when it arrives with my groom pieces. My SA is going to sneak it in the package that he is mailing me. I guess it does not come out until October?? I tried it with the Damier, Mini Monogram and Monogram and it looks awesome. I can't wait until Tuesday...
  4. oh yes , i too would love to see pics... congrats on getting it early... ohhh I so want one :sad: ... I will be dreaming of them he he
  5. Yes PLEASE post pics as soon as you can.
  6. So excited for you, don't forget the pics..
  7. I can't wait until you post pics. I actually can't wait until mine arrive (I'm getting both the orange and white & the brown and tan. When mine do come in, I'm getting a new bag to put them on ;) . I'm thinking maybe something damier, maybe a ribera or an epi alma in canelle OR a nomade lockit (the only thing I'm really worried about is scratching the heck out of the nomade or getting it dirty and cleaning it). Decisions, decisions :shrugs: .
  8. I saw the brown and tan but didn't like it. I am getting the orange and white. I didn't like it because I thought the color was too drab when compared to the orange but they do match the damier and monogram lines very well.
  9. :whistle:
  10. are they also available in europe?
  11. are they also available in europe?
    =====>:yes: yes it is!
    We have received the both in ou store.:wlae:
  12. thank you:flowers:
  13. What is Jack and Lucy? Is it the same as the pumpkin and skull keychain?:shrugs:
  14. yes the name of the pumpkin and skull keychain is jack&lucy
  15. Not a fan of the Monogram so the Orange and White sound better. I agree, the Brown & Green sound hideous. I forgot how mentioned they were getting one, but I would maybe go back and reconsider the other colours, since they are more "cheer-y" and obviously not so depressing :crybaby:
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