Jack & Lucie

  1. If you already have the orange/white jack and Lucie would you also purchase the green/brown one? I am asking because my Aunt has the orange and White one as loves it, but seems to use it mostly in October/Novemeber. I was wondering if the mono one would be better to use daily on her bags. Or is it a waste of money and we should purchase something else? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!:p :p :p :p :p
  2. no, I like the orange and white better.
  3. I would recommend buying the Mono Pastilles keyring....
  4. Thanks, but she already has that too! thanks!!!
  5. How about the Glitter Ball?
  6. I have the yellow and brown... Everybody seems to compliment too!!!

    (It hangs from my Speedy 40_)
  7. Lol I have both..I love them!
  8. NIce Cupcake Girl...
  9. i have the white and orange one.. which i :heart:
    saw the other color IRL but i really didnt like it :rolleyes:
    if it was for me.. i'd get something else.. like the inclusion speedy key chain :yes:
  10. ok i officially just got the mono colors. i had the orange and white but i had her switch them. was i wrong? i am so afraid i am not going to like them
  11. I personally like both colors..I keep the orange/white one on my Mandarin Jasmin now and switch the brown/dark brown between my mono and damier bags...my mom took that one from me now though so she has it on her bag :lol:
  12. I went for the monogram one. Orange and white just seems a bit too Halloween-ish/Fall-ish for me.
  13. After seeing some of the pictures of lvbabydoll I bought the brown one today and it really changes your bags
  14. I love the Mono one!
  15. the nyc Saks lv had the orange and white one tonight.