jack & lucie

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  1. 'Cause maybe, just maybe, you want it that bad!!!;)
  2. i really really want it, does anyone know the retail cost?
  3. Im quite certain it was just over $200, I think $240 but Im not posative
  4. Yeah, I believe the retail on the J&L was somewhere between $240 - $255.

    That seller is getting a pretty good profit.
  5. Wow! Nice profit, but if you want it bad enough.....you do what you gotta do!!
  6. I bought a Jack and Lucie in the brown and tan when it first came out. I believe it was about $250ish. They've been discontinued for awhile now and the prices might just keep increasing because the new keychains are around the $400 range.
  7. Yipes, but on the good side they have all of their teeth :p

  8. :yes: I paid $240.00 for mine at the LV boutique.
  9. I love it too in Mono... but none of the sellers want to ship to Singapore! :push:
  10. it looks like the diamond 2nd to left is missing!! what do u think?
  11. ^It's designed like that.:yes: They all have that one stud that is suppose to represent a missing tooth.

    And the auction that IHeartCoach mentioned is already at $305!
  12. retail is $240+tax, and now it's hard to get it.
  13. these are so cute! I love the mono one!