Jack & Lucie

  1. this is the cutest keychain ever, and i really want one! i cant find it on eBay, its not in stores.. =[

    does anyone know where i can get one
  2. They came out last year actually...you may want to try calling 866-Vuitton (if you're in the US) and ask if they have any in stock. I think a couple people have found them in both color combos pretty recently.
  3. I really want one too but I dun live in the UK. :crybaby:

    Someone please help me buy the mono version! :drool:
  4. Think you may have to just watch eBay, if 800vuitton can't find it for you.
    Let us know if you find it!

  5. i have been lookingfor it tooo BUT ebay dun have it...been searchng for a few months.:sad:

    guess i will have ot call LV:yes:.
  6. Actually, just a few weeks ago, there was one on e-bay from the UK.
  7. To whomever is looking for Jack & Lucies:

    There are currently 3 Jack & Lucie auctions on eBay right now.
  8. Sigh I already inquired about the Monogram ones yesterday but the seller only ships within US.

    How depressing... :crybaby:
  9. I have Jack & Lucie in monogram, got it late last summer through LV, they located one in Texas and connected me to the store.
  10. i am still loookign for jack and lucie...HELP...:crybaby::yes:

  11. ^^^^ There are 2 Orange & White Jack and Lucie auctions on eBay right now.

    There was a Monogram one on eBay as well but I guess somebody won it already.