Jack & Lucie Which one????


What color??

  1. White and Orange ?

  2. Brown and Dark Brown ?

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  1. POLL

    What color looks better???
  2. white and orange!! :yes:
  3. ^^ same, white & orange.
  4. White & orange , more in keeping with the hallowe'en theme :yes:
  5. i like the browns!
  6. White&orange!!!:heart:
  7. I like the browns because they would look better all year long, the orange sort of really gives it the fall/halloween feel.
  8. I have both colors but I do prefer the orange and white ... it just seems to make it more unique and fun! Here's a pic showing the two colors together:
  9. My vote is for the White & Orange. :yes:
  10. i go for the browns!
  11. It depends for which bag, if it's going on a mono or damier I would go w/ the brown, but if you're putting it on a denim bag I would go with the orange/white. Also if you are putting it on an epi I would go with the white.
  12. I like the white and orange.
  13. I don't know what the retail was on this key chain, but there is a white and orange ending in 2 hrs on eBay now, it's at 227 with reserve not met and I think her bin was 315, can't remember shipping cost. What bag are you planning on putting it on?
  14. I just ordered the orange and white, it was $240 and I'm putting it on me denim baggy pm!!!