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  1. hey LV girlies! i want jack and lucie so bad! i saw some members have ordered them from elux but where exactly on elux? and are they readily available in stores and last question..how much are they? thank you ladies!:p
  2. Hey! You can call the 866 number! That's where I got mine from! They are $240 w/o tax!
  3. They are $240.00 before tax. On eluxury type Louis Vuitton Jack in the search box and it should pop up IF it is avaliable at that time. I have been wanting one too but I have had no luck on eluxury. :crybaby:

    Hmmm, I haven't called the 866 number. Good Idea krmkjk! :flowers:
  4. The boutique in Neiman Marcus in Houston had some this weekend most people forget about them so they usually have what others stores are sold out of...I think they had the brown and beige and the orange and white A(I snatched up the orange and white one) hope that helps..ps ask for tracey..she is very helpful