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    I need your advice once again. I bought the orange and white jack and Lucie key chain for halloween and loved in on my bag, soo cute! I figured I would only use it for the month of October and maybe Novemeber. However. should I consider the mulit color one too? Then I could use more often or should I just be happy with what I have and save the money for something else more useful. I know all of you will give me good advice, thanks so much!!!
  2. Ohhh we're enablers...get the multicolore pastilles! LOL
  3. I already have those too! But I was considering the mongraham one when they come out. I do love the multi too!!!
  4. isn't there supposed to be a christmas version of the jack et lucy cles comnig out?
  5. How can you resist the Pastilles...hmmm?:graucho: I could not.

    I would use Jack & Lucy year round - no reason not to use your little mascot pals. Orange and white isn't terribly seasonal to me. Now I want the brown version... or a Hermes charm. *le sigh*

    oh and HI, "MA" - nice to know someone here has some fun style
  6. Yes, my old SA told me there was one coming out this month. It's a snowball, I think? DH asked her to put our name on the waiting list for it. I can't wait to see it! I think there is a fuzzy pic of it in the book they have behind the counter. I'll see if I can take a look at it tomorrow.
  7. I think you can wear it year round. It's sooo cute! I'm going to wear mine, but then again, Halloween is very special to me. DH and I started dating back in college on Halloween. :heart:
  8. I would use the jack and lucie all year round so long as it matches with the bag. I want one to hang on my work bag (Not an LV) which I will leave on the bag all the time.
  9. Could that be the one pictured under new arrivals on the vuitton site. Check it out.
  10. Hmm...do you have a link? I checked out the new arrivals and I only saw the Glitter Key Holder. The SA said it was kinda like the Jack and Lucie except with a Snowball. I hope she didn't get it mixed up with that Glitter ball one, because I was hoping for something cartoony cute with little faces again. I'll definitely follow up on it tomorrow.
  11. i'd wear jack & lucie all year, if i had them! lucky you!
  12. i have the jack & lucie charm and i intend to use it all year looonnnggg (just so as to get my money's worth)....

    although i thought it'd be appropriate to let the gingerbread man to join them for christmas......:graucho:

    the pastilles is very nice too, something i'd consider if i had the money to spare.......
    IMG_0238 (Small).JPG IMG_0239 (Small).JPG IMG_0241 (Small).JPG
  13. Snowball? I want it!!! Our winter in Canada is long enough that I'd get lots of use out of it.
  14. A Christmas version of Jack and Lucie???? I will NEVER be able to save my money! How exciting though :yahoo:
  15. Hiya would anybody tell me how much the jack and lucie retailed for? thanks!
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