Jack & Lucie Owners

  1. How has yours held up? Were all their teeth perfectly aligned when you received it? Have you lost any teeth? I know there is a thread about someone losing a tooth but I cant find it.

    I ordered my Jack & Lucie off eluxury about 2 weeks ago.

    They unfortunately are heading back to eluxury due to three teeth being off place on Lucie (shifted, see pic below, you can see the first one, but the other two cant be seen by the flash). I ended up ordering another one online earlier this week and it came in today and its not perfect either. One tooth is shifted. Havent decided if I'm just going to have to say bye-bye to the lovely Jack & Lucie :sad:.
  2. oh gosh im sorry about that, i think thats why i haven't been drawn to the jack and lucie. The rhinestones put me off because of your reason!
  3. Mine are OK. I've knocked them into things before and all the "teeth" are still there and in place.
  4. OMG... I think mine are okay but I guess I'll check when I get home! I think some stores still have a few left so maybe you can try to exchange at a store if you're near one? Sorry to hear this!
  5. The teeth on mine aren't quite "perfect" either, but it doesn't bother me. :smile:
  6. they look kinda cheap to me for some reason. I dont really like them.
  7. I would return and get something else instead. The quality may be poor.
  8. Same here:yes: .
  9. Mine are all ok. I've had them for a few weeks now! I love them. I hope you find a perfect one soon!
  10. I've had mine for about a 3 months now and they're holding up great. They're attach to my Damier Speedy and get knocked around a lot..and so far, no problems yet!
  11. Jack and Lucie are both doing great...no need for a trip to the dentist yet!
  12. mine are ok. i've had them since october 2006, and have been using it often. it once even got into one of the metal conveyor thingies at the airport and no damage at all.....
  13. My J&L's teeth aren't perfect either, but I love them anyways! I use them as a pocheette extender and they always get knocked around. No loose teeth yet! :biggrin:
  14. oh so sorry to hear that but i don't think any of them are perfect...it's just how they are with rhinestones -_-"
  15. I never bothered to check but I love mine on my damier speedy & get lots of compliments. I'm one of those people who thinks a Halloween motif is OK year 'round so mine see a lot of action.