jack & lucie - on ebay!

  1. i have been wanting this keychain for a while now
    but is in normal that it is being sold for $600 on eBay??!
    you can buy a bag for that price !!
    does any1 know where i can find this charm for half the price?



  2. It's supply against demand, unfortunately.
  3. its sad BUT true.:sad:..u have to check eBay constantly and u wont be bale ot find one at retail......i wan one too..:sweatdrop:
  4. ahhh, I think it is 2006 collection. It's pretty hard to find. eBay might be the only chance. Good Luck!
    PS: I have the white one, but still want the mono. Gosh, why I didn't buy them both ....
  5. do you think that they will ever be re-released??
  6. I don' think Louis Vuitton would release them again. But they are lovely.
  7. i doubt it since its been 2 yrs...maybe who know this HALLOWEEN?:rolleyes:
  8. i am sure i am not the only one who wan to be reissued...:love:
  9. ehh, what other keychains are cute to be used as a bag charm for a damier speedy
  10. It's not normal for them to be sold for $600.00 on ebay. I suspect that's why the seller has it listed with the best offer option.

    They usually range from $300-$400. I got the orange and white one for $320 around Halloween!!

    Jack and Lucie pop up all the time on ebay. Just continue to search often and I'm sure you'll find one w/in a reasonable price range. You can also try calling 866-Vuitton to see if they can find one for you. I called them back in august for the monogram one and they were able to find it for me.

    It's a long shot now, but it never hurts to try!
  11. i just called 866-Vuitton
    they dont have them anywhere
  12. keep trying.... :yes:
  13. Just be patient and watch eBay....they'll pop up at a decent price!
  14. BUT be prepared ot pay more than retail...:yes: the limit depend on yr budget when it comes ot ebay..of coz not as muhc as $600 which is ridiculous..:roflmfao: