Jack&Lucie Oh, No....

  1. I recently bought a Jack and Lucie keychain porte-cles. There was a lot of drama surrounding that purchase. I was certain that I adored it and even took it to work in its little drawstring bag to show some of my friends. (Tried to post pix but had difficulty. Files too Large? Anyway, I would take it out and look at it and then back in the little box it went. Didn't use. Last week I decided to attach it to my bag. I put it on the Damier Speedy...and went out.
    I felt so self conscious and silly. Not only that, I was certain that someone would snatch off my bag in the subway. And they clack. (Remember Clackers, anyone?) I thought for sure I was going to break them, I guess they are acrylic. Not one of my best purchases (sigh)
  2. i LOVE my Jack and Lucie, and I love how they clack when I'm in the car and the key is in the ignition! Call me crazy! ;)
  3. Aww I love mine! I have my orange/white one on my Mandarin Jasmin and my mom is using the dark brown/tan one on her bag. They're so cute!
  4. oh don't tell me this! i have one coming my way! if you don't like it you can always sell it!

    maybe you just need to give it a chance. it really is so cute!
  5. Kebangers...:p

    ..or. kerbangers. either way the j&l are cute.

    Edited for lack of previous thought.
  6. :crybaby: I still want one! they are so CUTE!
  7. I got my fiance one...and he LOVES it. He has his car key on it so it is used daily. So far its holding up really well.
  8. i have one and i use it all the time, no problems so far
  9. You should use the round part to attach it then..it's a lot harder to get open for most people.
  10. oh sorry ur not sure about it :crybaby: i have the orange and white one.. and i use it only occassionaly (not evreyday use or work use)..
    when ever i go out to say visit my friends or with my friends shopping.. thats how i maintain them..
    two nights ago i went to my friend's house and attached it to my azur pochette as an extension.. it looked sooooooooooo cute!! :heart:
    sweetie give it another chance. else if u didnt feel right about it.. then think of selling it :yes:
  11. Yes, that's a good suggestion!
  12. Sorry you aren't pleased with your purchase they are so cute.Jack & Lucie don't actually strike each other as they are off set,outside of the slight clanking they shouldn't suffer much damage if any,they are stronger than they look.
  13. Thanks for your imput, everyone.
    They are cute...but I don't have the orange and white, I have the brown ones, at least they're not as Halloween-y. I think I am feeling badly about some of my recent purchases, and this particular little item might start World War III and finish with World War IV. Don't let my misgivings about it dissuade anyone from purchasing them. I went on a binge, so some of this is obviously guilt.