Jack & Lucie in holiday spirit

  1. My photoshop creation lol

  2. Happy Holidays to you too! :party:
    Hey, I'd buy that if it were made, so adorable!:yes:
  3. hahaahaa .. cuuute!!
  4. Funny! Happy Holidays!!
  5. That is way to cute..
    Happy Holidays to you and yours...:flowers:
  6. Happy Holidays to you as well!!! May Jack & Lucie have more friends this coming year..
  7. oh myyy so cute! :girlsigh: thanks for the effort!! :cutesy: Happie Holidays to you too!!
  8. Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  9. I love it! Happy holidays!
  10. So cute!
    Thks for sharing!!!
  11. I love what you did to it! Happy Holidays!
  12. Cute lol.
    Happy Holidays to you too!
  13. i love it!
  14. So cute! Happy Holidays! :flowers:
  15. cute! Happy Holidays!