Jack & Lucie brought some of my bags back to life

  1. I had already given up on these bags and after seeing some of your pictures, I decided to go to LV today and it worked especially for the spontini. My boyfriend says it looks too childish but i dont care.
  2. cute! did you just get the keychain recently?? if so, where?? I'm on the hunt for one!!
  3. So cute! I love Jack & Lucie!
  4. By the way, welcome to tPF!!
  5. I like it.
  6. I think they look cute!
  7. Welcome... I think it's cute :love:
  8. I LVoe Jack and Lucie!!
  9. Nothing like Jack and Lucie to bring back life to your bag. It looks cute and not childish.. Congrats..
  10. Love them! Who are jack and lucie by the way (besides the key chain)...???
  11. Yes I got it today at LV in Leeds, England. I hadn't worn these bags in ages but I think it really makes them look different. I am very relieved to be here with people that understand me.
  12. jack is for jack o'lantern for halloween and lucie is the name of the oldest human found.
  13. I love it. Congrats.
  14. Congrats! They're cute! Welcome to TPF!!!
  15. Aww.. it's too cute with spontini !