Jack & Lucie Are Hung Up On The Vertical Locket !

  1. I made a trip to LV early this morning and came home with these items ;) .
  2. very very cute. congrats....enjoy them.
  3. :drool: 0o0o0o0o HOT!!! :drool: it looks SO cute!!! Congrats Cat! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  4. That looks great... Congrats
  5. Lol! I think my eyes are going to those pumpkins more than that gorgeous Lockit!! I must be nuts! Congrats they are all just gorgeous!!
  6. Very nice. Enjoy them.
  7. I love the lockit!:nuts: and the Jack and Lucie are sooo cute on it! :love:

    I love your watermark to!:P Congrats!:yahoo:
  8. I love the bag and the keychain, congratulations!
  9. Jack and Lucy are so cute!! And of course the Lockit is stunning!!
  10. Looks great!!!
  11. Cute! They look great on your bag!
  12. how cuuute :heart: congrats
  13. They look adorable! Congrats!
  14. I love Jack & Lucie's Grill!!! :greengrin: Too cute.
  15. ooooooooh I love the lockit! Great buy!!!!! I can't wait for my jack and lucie to come too!!!