Jack & Lucie -and- Panda Cles?

  1. How much did they originally retail for???
  2. panda was about 150$ US
  3. Jack & Lucie was $240

  4. was it really? I thought it was more than that???
  5. there were panda and j&l cles'? like the pochette cles? or just keychains?
  6. Panda was $150 and Jack & Lucie were about $250.
  7. I didn't realize the panda was that cheap! I wished I would have been into LV then-sigh
  8. keychains!! :smile: but there was a panda rond!!

  9. I know! Now I can't find one.. well the cheapest one I've seen is $235 for the Panda Cles!!
  10. eeek 235 for panda cles is too much! I got mine around x-mas time for 150, phew ^^;
  11. ^^ Wow, that's a deal! :yes:
  12. When the Panda Cles first came out I got mine brand new for $140.
  13. ^^ Sigh, isn't it funny that we're looking back and just thinking, DEAL !!! :graucho: