Jack Black welcoming his first baby......

  1. His wife, Tanya Haden, gave birth to baby boy Saturday in Los Angeles. Black said that his wife and son are healthy and back at home. And while he also said that the spot on the baby's birth certificate where the name goes is still blank, he mentioned that the frontrunner right now is Samuel.
    Congratulations jack....;):flowers::flowers:

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    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. Love Jack Black, how exciting for them!
  3. I'm still bummed that he and Laura Kightlinger split up. They were together for so long, and so awesome together.
  4. I forgot what interview I watched him on talking about the baby (coming). They were so excited!! He is great! I love him! (did you know his brother was a reservist in the marine corps?) Nathan met him in Iraq during their 2003 tour, he too was in Intel!

    Anyways, yay for Jack Black. Can't wait to see him with is baby! :smile:
  5. I love Jack Black! Thats great news :heart:
  6. haha
    he's funny!
  7. Congrats to him and his wife!
  8. Congrats to Jack and his wife! He is great! I am very happy for him!
  9. Can you imagine what a fun father he will be? :lol: Congrats to Jack & his wife!
  10. can't wait to see his newest film nacho libre :smile:)