Jack and Lucy ... girly or not ?

  1. :confused1:

    hi guys,

    I'm on the fence about the jack & Lucy key chain, i love them but i'm wondering if it's not too girly to hang those charms to a man bag ?
  2. I don't think they are girly at all, just cute!:yes:
  3. That's the same debate I was having. If you get it in the tan/brown it won't look as girly. But the thing is there's still rhinestones, I can't rock it, but buy all means if you can go ahead dude. I'm still trying to rock the koala wallet! What do you think of that?
  4. I don't find them girly,but I can tell you it's the kind of keychain that makes you laugh & smile inside at the same time.The big kid inside me loves it,the grown up mature side said damn that's one expensive little keychain.If you like it get one,it will fill your heart with laughter every time you look at it :lol: .
  5. in my opinion i think its a bit girly, but it depends what bag u have it off of .. and like mr.posh spice said the brown is better. it coudl look really funky if u have the style for it
  6. I think they look girly, but this is just my opinion.
  7. I agree- Girly
  8. As a charm? Yes 2 girly, But as a keychain instead? BIG yes, in either colour, imo
  9. It's a little too girly.
  10. Its too girly
  11. hum .. mixed feeling

    i agree with you, it could be funky and it could end up inside the bag as a real keychain if i dont feel good having them hanged on the bag
  12. very girly :yes:
  13. girly.
  14. I don't think it's girly at all! Get it!
  15. LOL ... thank you !

    i've just discovered the pastille in brown color OF COURSE the long "bracelet charm" is girly but i'm curious to see it as a classis keychain.

    LOVE the brown and khaki combinaison.