Jack and Lucie... what to do? :\

  1. I went to my LV the other day(after promising myself I wouldn't step into a boutique anytime soon... yeah right) and I asked an SA for Jack and Lucie in khaki/brown. So today she calls me to say it's in. Of course, I'm ecstatic but I'm having second thoughts... Is it really worth it to spend 250ish on a keychain? My brain keeps saying "Omg, that's almost a bag! Don't do it!" I know it's ridiculous after spending the same amount on other accessories. :sad: Anyone have the same problem? Talk me into/out of it.
  2. They are cute but I personally don't think it is worth that much. But if you have the cash and you like it, go for it. Guess I'm not much help, huh! :P
  3. I am the same as you. I am too cheap to buy small accessories!!! DON'T DO IT!!! Save the $$$ towards the bag!:nuts:
  4. they are very lovely, personally i like jack and lucie a lot. but i dont think they are worth that much. but if i had the money extra for the keychain i would go for it ;)
  5. How about watching the one that's on ebay right now? It was verified as real on the authenticate this thread. I think it's really cute and would love to have it, but I just can't spend that on a keychain either! Good luck.
  6. What bothers me abt it is that the two heads will bang around with one another causing them to eventually lose some glitter teeth or major scratches, I foresee.....:smile: Besides, it looks too small...
  7. I just got it last weekend and I think it is WELL worth it. It is VERY cute and unique, too. I just think it is the coolest thing. Plus you can hang it on any mono or Damier bag you have ever.
  8. I am too cheap that's why I haven't got anything yet. I get it unless I think it's super cute and good investment.If something so small and cost so much already, I would have the problem to sell it someday if I need to sell it (without losing to much money)
  9. You know I'm thinking the same thing. I actually bought it the other day with Laurence, but now I'm having second thoughts cause I don't know where I would hang it and I could just get an LV umbrella or wallet with the money....
  10. nah, I rarely buy accessories, simply cuz of the price, I mean, that's 1/3 of a wallet or mono/damier speedy
  11. I already have the brown/tan keychain and LOVE it :heart: ! It's so neutral that it can be worn ALL YEAR :yahoo: . I also have the orange/white keychain being shipped to me today :shame:. So, I guess I'm talking you INTO purchasing one! They're so freaking adorable and one of the best keychains/charms LV put out in a long time :wlae: .
  12. I think I'm going to call back and say I don't want it... it's adorable and I love it, but for some reason I can't justify the price right now for just a little keychain. :crybaby:I think I'll get something from the groom collection as consolation!
  13. I had the exact same conundrum. I was planning to buy them last week but the boutique was out. I was supposed to call today but in the mean time I decided I'd rather put the money toward a Batignolles Horizontal. :yes:

    I already have the Speedy inclusion keychain so I have a bag charm. I also was concerned that Jack and Lucie may not be as sturdy; not sure why I think that. That said, I do think they are super cute and would totally take them were they given to me. LOL
  14. I think they are absolutely adorable, but I agree, they're kind of expensive for such a seasonal item.
  15. When I get the spare cash im going to buy them. I think they are great...they remind me of Jack the Pumpkin King....so I need them haha