jack and lucie on elux

  1. hope someone on here is looking for them and can pick them up!
  2. I love you so much.
  3. Did you get them!?
  4. yep! well, they're in my shopping bag. along with a clear inclusion pm...
  5. and those TDF sunglasses...
  6. I'm going to put back the bracelet. ;( I'd never wear it...
  7. i'm so glad i could help!! i would love to have had them but i'm saving up for the keepall. and there was definately only one in stock because now it's gone!!
  8. thanks so much for posting this. I wanted a bag charm, and was looking at an inclusion speedy... but I ADORE jack and lucie. it's such an oddball piece, and I love Nightmare Before Christmas...

    I'm so happy. But now I can't decide if I want anything else from elux while I'm getting this... hehe. Where RileyGirl when I need her.
  9. Ok, I'm really proud of myself. I just got Jack and Lucie, and nothing else!
  10. oh man, I just remembered it's v-day.

    Happy v-day to me...

    omg... he's coming in 9 days with... a fushia baggy gm, speedy case, pomme 4-key holder AND jack and lucie. Can't wait-can't wait-can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats
    I can't see it on elux any longer

    Lucky You!
  12. Congrats emily! I love charms bags too! Im dying for a miniature speedy!
  13. Em, Sorry I missed it but I have to say that Jack and Lucie is def. you!!!!! I want to be there with you when your BF arrives cuz I wanna see the loot!

  14. Thanks, everyone!

    Girl, I am SO excited.
    Jack and Lucie is definitely me, probably moreso than an Inclusion Speedy... as Speedy's aren't even my favorite bag. Inclusion Pap, now, I'd be all over that. :graucho: Actually... oh, crap, I'm starting to like Speedy's now. Bad Emily.

    Omg, omg, can't believe I just got a Jack and Lucie! I dragged my BF to the special 3D showing of Nightmare Before Christmas when I was in LA last Halloween... hehe. I adore Halloween...

    Ah, crap, back to studying. This was a fun diversion, though!!!

  15. Holy cow! Well, at least you can't blame these on us!!! :graucho: Congrats!!!

    Hee hee --- 9 more days!!!! :nuts: