Jack and Lucie keychain...durable?

  1. Attention all proud owners of the adorable Jack n Lucie key rings:

    Are they durable? Do they click around like crazy and knock each other when you walk and they are on your bags? I just don't want to get a pair and then find out that they can get damaged easily. I would hate to knock a tooth out of one of them if I was walking too fast and they were swinging all around. Ok thanks :smile:
  2. Mine don't click around when I am walking but be careful when you are at a counter at a store especially a glass one. I happened to be at one paying for an item and took my bag off my shoulder only to have Jack and Lucy hit the counter so hard I thought that they broke. I think perhaps Jack and Lucy may be grounded and have to stay home when I go shopping.
  3. Well That ^^^^ would stink.....That kind of defeats the purpose?:sad:
  4. I have the Jack and Lucie keychain and it seems to be okay so far. But then again, I'm always conscious of it and make sure I don't swing my bag around too much to avoid knocking it against something hard.

  5. I know- maybe I will give them another chance and be aware they are with me and not swing my handbag around.. I will let them know that you got them off being grounded...:yes:
  6. I have the orange/white ones and I have found them to be very durable. They dangle off my bag everytime I go out. They don't knock against each other at all. I have smacked them against my car(I freaked out when I did that), against the inside of my car door, on the doorway, and lastly, against my washer as I came into the house with my arms loaded with stuff(they hit the washer very very very hard and I totally thought I broke them or chipped them). Remarkably, despite the bangs they've endured, they still look brand new!:nuts: I'm normally very very very careful with my things, but I tend to forget that they are hanging off my bags. lol. :P
  7. Excellent! Thanks for the input everyone!
  8. You crack me up!:nuts: :weird:
  9. I haven't had any problems with them at all and haven't really noticed any clicking, though that had been a concern for me too. From what I can tell, Jack and Lucie are pretty durable :yes:
  10. Good to hear, I also thought they would tend to chip etc.
    I want the orange one now - wish I didn't 'cause they are dear.:Push:
  11. I haven't hit them into anything at all. But then I am careful of what I do with any of my bags!
  12. That's a great question cause i was wondering the same thing! The orange is so cute!
  13. I've also found them to be very durable. They don't hit each other but they can swing and hit something else so you have to be careful not to hit things hard with your bag. They also seem pretty scratch resistant. Mine have had a few hits but also look brand new still. I :heart: them. :love: