Jack and Lucie in my cart... so indecisive!

  1. I posted about having this cute little keychain on hold at a boutique but I ended up not getting it because I couldn't justify the price for such a small item. Today, I was surprised to see Jack and Lucie on elux, and now that I can somewhat justify it with the 4% back from ****** I think I might buy the little thing. Is it worth it? It's adorable, of course, I'm just soooo indecisive about it. What do you think?
  2. It is sooo cute! Looks great on any bag. You may regret not purchasing it,but you've got to be sure you really want it. If you don'tlike it, you can send it back, right? :yes:
  3. I feel the same way! It is so adorable but I would not use it past the day of the dead!
  4. So true! I'm going for it! :yahoo:
  5. lol.... well nice to see a little competition. I was wondering what happen to that item I put in my cart.. If you don't will.:angel: :flowers: :yes: