Jack and Lucie...5 months later

  1. I cannot believe that I didn't notice Jack and Lucie when they came out! I just love them! Asked my DH to check at the LV store and they had 1 left :nuts:
  2. yay. congrats!
  3. Congrat!!
  4. They are just so darn cute!
  5. still love them! glad you got one!
  6. That's amazing you still got one! Congratulations!
  7. cute!
  8. i think they are adorable! congrats!
  9. Oh, and the LV store has 1 more Jack and Lucie in the Multi, orange and white!! I want that one, too!:happydance:
  10. I love J & L!!!! So cute!
  11. Congrats! I really want them in orange :love:
  12. Congrats! Enjoy!
  13. Congrats! My store has had the orange and white one for awhile now.
    I love mine!
  14. they're sooo cute!!
  15. Congratulations.