J12's in todays Saks catalog

  1. The mail just came, and a big purple Saks catalog was there, so as I'm flipping through it, I see a picture with 2 J12's, diamond markers AND diamond bezel. The price is $13,900.

    Did these go up or what? :wtf:

  2. WOW...that's crazy!
  3. Those are 38mm so they are normally more expensive than 33mm, but yes it looks like the price has gone up.:wtf:
  4. wow ... can you add a diamond bezel later?
  5. I have the diamondmarker 33 in black and the diamond bezel in white. But do not have both diamond bezel and diamond marker on one. So I am not sure if it went up in price. If it did that is ridiculous. It was enough $ as it was, but who knows. Would be curious to find out. One of the pfers on here will surely know.
  6. One of the pfers did add a diamond bezel after it was bought, but her bf was in the jewelry business (or someone he knew was). However, if u do anything to the watch, u lose the original warranty. Hope that answers your question. :smile:
  7. Yea I think I saw that post. I wonder if Chanel offers these services.
  8. I think the price is higher because it has the diamond markers, and diamond bezel. As far as adding the diamond bezel later it can be done according to Saks (Chevy Chase). I changed my mind about getting the J12 but when I looked at my catalog things changed once again. I may go for it in October before the price increase if my funds permit!
  9. no, these are the bigger size, they are size 42mm
  10. I got this catalog and thought the price went up too, but then I noticed they have diamonds on the bezel and markers....
  11. So expensive. I honestly do not think I could pay this amount. For this money, I would be into serious watch territory, like Rolex, IWC, Patek, somebody that is a reknown watch maker, as opposed to a fashion statement. It sure is a hell of alot of money :wtf:
  12. I know I feel the same way too, but this watch is gorgeous IRL. I'm so torn!!!
  13. that price sounds right. they're more expensive b/c they're the 42mm size and have both the diamond bezel and diamond markers. i think the price might be even higher after the price increase.
  14. OMG I love this watch in white. but the price is NO NO NO for me.