1. what us the J12 band made of? Is it waterproof? It's a gorgeous looking watch but other than the diamonds, what makes it so special?
  2. It is made out of ceramic. I don't know details but the gist of it is that it cannot be scratched/broken, so it's very low maintenance.

    PS. And it's sooooooooooooooo pretty..... I want one so badly, as my user title says. :biggrin:
  3. It's made of high tech ceramic.

    Let me quote what the Chanel J12 book says about it:
    "Developed in the CHANEL workshops in La Chaud-de-Fonds, in Switzerland, the J12 has become one of today's watchmaking icons. In black and white ceramic, the J12 collection achieves that perfect balance between watchmaking tradition and modern materials. Set with diamonds or coloured stones, the J12 is available in four sizes: 33 mm quarts, 38 mm automatic, 41 mm automatic chronograph (certified COSC) and 42 mm quartz or automatic.

    High-tech ceramic. Borrowed from state-of-the art technology, ceramic has extraordinary characteristics: non-oxidising, scratchproof, and hardness just below that of diamonds. On the international MOHS scale, diamonds have the highest score of 10, high-tech ceramic registers at 9, while steel and gold are respectively just at 5 and 2.5. And so, diamond is the only material used, with extreme precision, to work, form and polish each ceramic component to achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance demanded by the creator."

    I own the J12 automatic 38mm with diamond markers in white. It's the most beautiful thing I own. I get complimented on it EVERYWHERE, and people always come up to me and ask to see it.

    It's a divers watch, water resistant up to 200 m. I wear mine in the shower with no problem.

    I own stainless steel watches and they get a bit scratched up with daily wear. The ceramic is fantastic. I wear it to work and bang my wrist against all kinds of things, and it never gets chipped or scratched at all.
  4. ^^^ couldnt have said it better myself !!!!

    It is a fantastically low maintenance watch. My only gripe (tiny) is that I like to wear diff watches on diff days, and with the automatic, if you put it away for a couple of days, you have to reset the date and time as it does stop when not in use - but its not a hardship, and if im honest, it just makes you wear the J12 one more ;)
  5. There should be a sticky thread just for J12 watches.
  6. You can actually buy an automatic watch winder to keep it ticking when you're not wearing it. One of my friends has one and it works really well!
  7. Oh I would love a sticky thread on J12's. I'm so in love with the J12. The thing is I have to decide on a 33 vs 38.
  8. I love J12 ..it's so beautiful!
  9. :yes:

    I use a auto winder for my rolex's and its a must have for any watch collector.
    Very common.
  10. missisa07 : does your j12 get dirty at all and do you have any recommendations on how to clean it? I notice mine is rather dirty in between the links.
  11. 33mm - quartz
    38mm- automatic
  12. I used a little bit of soapy water, with a cotton bud to clean between the links, or good old baby wipe corners between the gaps ! It worked a treat and looks brand new after :yes:
  13. Thanks so much for the tip about the watch winder. I am definately going to look into that! This device would help make this watch perfect for me :biggrin:
  14. I got a white J12 for my Christmas and I adore it. It is the 33mm and I find it quite large- I like the size and I think the 38 would have felt far too big to me. I was used to wearing my rolex ladies datejust before which is a bit smaller and i think a 38 would have been too much of a leap to me. (I do have quite small hands and wrists).
  15. I use a watch winder too. But whenever I read about watch winders it seems they encourage you to use a $1000+ winder as opposed to my $200 winder because it can "damage" the movement. That's what I read about Rolex. My husband wont put his Rolex in there so I took it over. I've never asked Chanel about it. Maybe I should.