J12 with diamond bezel: Pls. help me decide which size?

  1. I'm getting ready to purchase a white j12 with diamond bezel but need help deciding on whether to go with the 33mm or 38mm.

    Which size seems to be the more popular choice? I know that I would get the 38mm for sure if it was the plain one or with just diamond markers, but would the larger size with diamond bezel look too casual, or maybe even somewhat "tacky"? :confused1:

    I want it for everyday wear and I work at an office (but its okay for me to wear bling to work because my DH owns the company) I have pretty small wrists too, although I've seen some pics from other tpfer's with small wrists and the 38mm looks great on. What do you guys think? Which size would you pick?? thanks in advance for everyone's input!
  2. I have the 33mm with the diamond bezel and it is perfect. I tried the 38 and it looked to big for me. Depends on what u like and how it looks on u. U should try it on before u buy it so u can see it irl. :smile:
  3. Thanks LV2shopp. I actually did try on the 38mm...it was the first one I asked to look at because I tend to like bigger watches. My first reaction was: "wow, this is bigger than I expected!" It didn't look ridiculously big on me, but it is no doubt a big watch. I didn't even think to ask about trying on the 33mm because they didn't have one in diamond bezel on display. It didn't occur to me that I should also consider the smaller one until i got home!

    I think you're right...will probably have to make another trip to compare the sizes again. Thanks!
  4. Oh, btw LV2shopp, would u happen to have modeling pics of yours?
  5. I love big watches. I'd get the 38.
  6. Get the 38mm, it has automatic movement which is a plus.
  7. I have the plain one and got the 33 because the 38 looked huge on my small wrist. But I have always regreted not getting the 38 for some reason. lol
  8. my wrists are not big and i have the 38mm. i thought the 33mm was an odd size. but if you like big watches, go ahead and get the 38mm.
  9. I love the look of big watches, so I would go for the 38mm.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. I was the same way before I got my J12. I didn't know which size to get until I tried both sizes. The size of the 33mm looked ok but then I tried on the 38, and almost instantly my jaw dropped and I knew I had my answer, and so glad I went with the 38, but whatever you choose it will be lovely. My husband is actually getting jealous about this watch since I spend most of my time staring at it:smile:
  11. oh and by the way, I too have a small wrists
  12. i would go with the 33mm. the 38mm was too big when i tried it on. i have small wrists also.
  13. Definitely go for the 38mm. I think the diamond bezel somehow makes the face appears to be smaller than the plain or diamond marker ones. 33mm is smaller therefore a bit dressier, so it really depends on your style!!! You can't go wrong with a J12, either size!!!
  14. 38mm! I agree with B10lue
  15. I was concerned about the 38mm with diamonds being too "trendy" or looking "fake", but this is a great point you brought up; that the diamond bezel does in fact make the face look smaller. Thanks for the input!