j12 watchess

  1. hey so i was thinking of gettin a j12 black watch soon maybe christmas and was just wondering how much they go for..i was thinking without diamonds or just diamonds on the hrs...can someone let me know?
  2. I was looking at one a couple of weeks ago that had diamonds on it and it ran for $11,000. I think there is a range thought starting $4,000-$5,000. I'm not for sure though. I think there is someone from the forum that has one hopefully this thread will catch her eye and give you more info. They are gorgeous I just don't know if I'd spend that much though..but in a few years who knows:shame:
  3. I forget what the prices are on the one's without diamonds, or only diamond markers.

    The J12 ceramic watch (33cm) with diamond dial is about $8,600 before tax.
  4. The ones without diamonds are a bit over $3000 and the ones with the diamond markers run about $5000-$6000 I think.
    I didn't want a super flashy one so the one without diamonds will be my 21st bday gift this year :yes: :graucho:
  5. That's a nice b-day gift!! When is the big day?/
  6. No diamonds $3500 . I was told by an SA at Wynn ( love that place ! ) that I could buy the diamond dial and links as I saw fit , w/in my budget . BUT , others on here have had their SA's give them conflicting info . ? So I don't know . I love the white one w/ diamond markers ! But , my mother is going to give me one of her Phillipe Pateks so I don't really have an excuse to buy one . LOL .
  7. November 4th! :wlae: :yahoo:
  8. Saks want it catalog pg 204 has stainless steel/ceramic with ruby markers J12 for $4100.
  9. white j12 33cm without diamonds 3300.00 frm NM
  10. I saw that too. I saved the ad. It's gorgeous.:wtf:
  11. I want the J12 33 with diamonds on the bezel and dial.... I have the white but love the black and want that one too....