J12 watch price???

  1. How much are these two watches? 38 mm plain J12 and the 38 mm J12 diamond markers


  2. I'm not sure about the plain one, but the 33mm with diamond markers (2nd pic) is $4600;).
  3. I think the first is $3650 here, and the 2nd $4500. HI is always very slightly less than the continental US. Or at least they were before the last price increase. Diamond bezel 38 is $10600 here, that one I am certain of, oh and diamond bezel/diamond center black 38 is $13,300.
  4. I think the 38mm with diamond markers is $4950.
  5. Thanks a bunch! ;)
  6. In Germany the J12 with the Diamond Markers 38mm is 3.900€.
  7. J12 without diamonds in a 33mm is $3650
    and 38mm is $3950
  8. How much in euro is the cheapest J12?